Red Rover Interactive is a young studio founded last year by former employees of Funcom, Bohemia Interactive and Lockwood Publishing. On April 16, she successfully closed the Series A funding round.

Project Coltrane

The round was led by the South Korean company KRAFTON. Together with her, money was invested in developers by Tirta Ventures, Overwolf, The Games Fund, Behind Ventures, GEM Capital, Lifelike Capital and Acequia Capital.

Red Rover Interactive is going to spend the $15 million it received on hiring new employees and further developing its debut game, codenamed Project Coltrane. This is a post-apocalyptic PvP survival game set on a train. It is still unknown when the release will take place.

KRAFTON told the media that she likes Red Rover Interactive's "immersive" approach to development — the studio regularly conducts tests of the game, inviting streamers and gamers to them. In addition, KRAFTON sees similarities between Project Coltrane and PUBG. This is partly what motivated her to invest in the studio.

This is the second time Red Rover Interactive has attracted investments. In June 2023, she received $5 million in a round led by The Games Fund and Behave Ventures

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