The head of the International Boxing Association, Umar Kremlev, proposed to move the servers of games played by residents of the country to Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with his idea.

The Kremlin also advocated obliging gaming companies to open regional offices in Russia. The games themselves, according to Kremlev, should be placed in the domain

According to the Kremlin, now abroad through the domain is withdrawn about $ 5 billion by American and Canadian gaming companies, — the period, as well as the data source, is not specified. He also pointed out that foreign games often put Russia in a bad light. To solve the problem, the Kremlin proposed to create a single regulator, which, if necessary, will be able to block games.

"Why not do it? Indeed, the servers should be located here. We love both Canada and the USA, but to earn something from us, especially in such a negative way, why do we allow it?", Putin commented on his words.

"It is necessary not to work out, but to do it," the president added.

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