Roskomnadzor added the PUBG Mobile game and the Proxima Beta company, Tencent's "daughter", which published it in Russia, to the register of information dissemination organizers. According to RBC, PUBG Mobile became the first game in the registry.

PUBG Mobile and Proxima Beta were included in the registry on September 22. Roskomnadzor, in response to a request from RBC, explained that it did this after an appeal from "federal authorities". The addition to the register, the agency claims, will ensure compliance with "measures provided for by legislation in the field of information security."

Now Proxima Beta is obliged to store data on the actions of PUBG Mobile users from Russia and the history of their chats. If necessary, the company will have to share this information with the FSB and other authorized government agencies. If she refuses to comply with the requirements, she will be blocked.

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