The Polish publisher PlayWay has published its financial report for January-March 2024. The company reported its best first quarter in its history in terms of sales.

House Flipper 2

  • PlayWay's net sales amounted to 66.9 million PLN ($16.9 million). This is a record for the first quarter. Compared to last year, revenue increased by 4.7%.
  • Net profit of the company stands at 46.8 million PLN ($11.8 million), marking a growth of 27.7%.
  • The most successful game of the quarter was House Flipper. Together with all its DLCs, it provided PlayWay with 28.5% of net sales or 19 million PLN ($4.8 million). Last year's income from the game was much lower at 10.8 million PLN ($2.6 million).
  • In second place by quarterly revenue was Car Mechanic Simulator (2018 and 2021 editions, including all DLCs). The project accounted for 17.5% of the company's net sales or 11.5 million PLN ($2.9 million).
  • Other top-grossing games of the quarter included Contraband Police (8.4%), Cooking Simulator (6.8%), and Thief Simulator (6.4%).
  • Separately, PlayWay's CEO Krzysztof Kostowski shared on social media that the Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator, released on May 30, 2024, sold 11,197 copies in its first 72 hours.
PlayWay Report for the first quarter of 2024
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