Cubic Games, previously engaged in mobile games, decided to enter the PC games market. The company announced that the pixel shooter Pixel Gun 3D will have a Steam version.

The release of the Pixel Gun 3D computer will take place in the first quarter of 2024. According to Cubic Games, the game has already managed to collect more than 200 thousand vishlists.

Cubic Games, which became part of GDEV in 2022, also shared statistics on mobile Pixel Gun 3D:

▪️Since its release in May 2013, the game has earned more than $200 million with 185 million downloads;

▪️5 million people play Pixel Gun 3D every month;

According to Cubic Games, Pixel Gun 3D is now the world's third mobile pixel shooter with a first—person view in terms of audience size. The game also ranks second in revenue among games of this genre in the leading Western markets.

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Cubic Games