A major round of layoffs also took place at the American studio Singularity 6. If you believe the reports of her former employees on LinkedIn, several dozen people are out of work.


Update: Studio representatives confirmed the dismissals in a media comment. In total, Singularity 6 has reduced 35% of the staff.

It is not known exactly how many employees of Singularity 6 fell under the reduction. According to the Game Industry Layoffs portal, which tracks layoffs in the gaming industry, there were 49 of them. This is a tangible number for the studio. According to information on Singularity 6's LinkedIn profile, it employed just under 200 people before the layoffs.

Among those fired are senior producer Veronica Castillo, leading environmental artist Lindsay Johnson, senior QA analyst Don M. and narrative designer Lauren Boc.

Singularity 6 has recently officially released its debut Palia game, a free—to-play simulator of rural life. On December 14, 2023, Palia was released on the Nintendo Switch, and on March 25, 2024, it was released on Steam. Steam users greeted the game coolly. They left 3.7 thousand reviews, of which only 67% are positive, as a result of which Palia has a "mixed" rating. As for online, according to SteamDB, 12,065 people were playing Palia at the same time at its peak.

Dynamics of Palia online on Steam