Against the background of numerous news about the termination of support for internal development tools, the latest message from Guerrilla Games (Horizon and Killzone series) stands out. According to him, this studio does not intend to abandon its engine.

But here a small clarification is needed.

Yesterday it became known that the director and producer of Guerrilla Games Angie Smets (Angie Smets) went for a raise. Now she is the head of the PlayStation Studios Development Strategy department.

Against this background, the studio itself significantly shuffled the management staff. In particular, Michiel van der Leeuw is also no longer the director of the studio (Guerrilla traditionally has several people holding the position of studio director at once).

And that’s where the most interesting thing is. Leu announced that he will focus on the future development (both technical and strategic) of the Decima engine. According to the developer, the plans for the future of the engine are so ambitious that you can’t sit on two chairs with them (until yesterday he was both the director of the studio and the technical director, now only technical).

Recall that not only the Horizon series was made on Decima. Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima‘s latest game, was developed on the same engine. Also, Supermassive Games resorted to its use when creating Until Dawn.