The Polish company People Can Fly reported its first-quarter results for 2024. They announced a sharp increase in revenue.

Bulletstorm VR

  • People Can Fly's revenue for January-March was 56.8 million PLN (13.1 million EUR), which is 63% higher compared to last year.
  • They were unable to avoid losses, but they were significantly reduced. The company closed the quarter with a net loss of 864 thousand PLN (200 thousand EUR). A year ago, the loss was 4.3 million PLN (914 thousand EUR).
  • 48.2% of People Can Fly's revenue came from Europe. Last year, the region accounted for 88% of the revenue.
  • People Can Fly is dissatisfied with the release of Bulletstorm VR. Users heavily criticized the game at launch, complaining about poor quality. The company terminated its contract with Incuvo and announced that Incuvo is no longer entitled to royalties from Bulletstorm VR sales.
  • Currently, People Can Fly is working on five major games, including Project Gemini (in collaboration with Square Enix) and Project Maverick (in collaboration with Microsoft).
People Can Fly Q1 2024 Report
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