Yesterday, Paradox Interactive announced the cancellation of the life simulator Life by You. It has now been revealed that the game's development studio, Paradox Tectonic, is also being closed.

Life by You

In an official statement, Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester described the decision to close the studio as a difficult one. However, it was a logical consequence of the cancellation of Paradox Tectonic's first and only project.

At the time of closure, Paradox Tectonic had 24 employees.

Paradox Tectonic was founded in 2019, led by game designer Rod Humble, who was involved in the creation of Second Life and several parts of The Sims. The launch of Life by You had been postponed multiple times, and eventually, Paradox Interactive decided that it would be simpler to cancel the game than to bring it to release in the desired state. The company acknowledged that the cancellation of Life by You was solely Paradox Interactive's failure.


Paradox Interactive