The creators of Palworld have announced that the game has crossed the next millionth milestone. It took three days for the Pokemon action game to sell 5 million copies.


Earlier, PocketPair studio reported that Palworld sales for the same three days amounted to 4 million copies. Back then, she said she was selling about 86,000 copies of the game every hour. Apparently, the sales rate remains extremely high.

Online Palworld on Steam is also still at a high level. According to the SteamDB service, at the time of writing the news, more than 920 thousand people are playing the Steam version of Palworld at the same time. Right now, this is the most popular game on the court. For comparison, it is immediately followed by Counter-Strike 2, the current online of which is 578.4 thousand people.

Top 5 games on Steam by online size at the time of writing the news

Recall that the studio began reporting on the success of the game shortly after its release. The creators of Palworld sold the first million copies in just eight hours. They sold the second million copies in a day, and the third million copies in 40 hours.

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