The Dutch studio Paladin Studios, noted for its work on Cut The Rope Remastered, Stormbound and Amazing Katamari Damacy, has announced its closure.

Cut The Rope 3

In an official statement, the studio says that it has not been able to find new contracts to work with. Her expenses began to grow faster than her income, and Paladin Studios faced the threat of bankruptcy. The management decided to close the studio before the account finally ran out of money, so they could be sure that they would be able to pay severance pay to employees and not get into debt.

Before closing, 45 people worked at Paladin Studios.

Paladin Studios opened in 2005 and specialized in collaborative game development. She has collaborated with companies such as Bandai Namco, ZeptoLab, DeNA and Spil Games. The last game that Paladin Studios participated in the creation of was Cut the Rope 3.

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