On October 5, the indie studio Bippinbits released a major content patch for Dome Keeper, a pixel simulator of a miner with elements of a "bagel" and Tower Defense. His release caused a surge of interest among gamers.

According to SteamDB, after three days online Dome Keeper on Steam increased by 2500% relative to the usual values. If on the eve of the release of the patch, about 200 people played in Dome Keeper at the same time, then on October 8 — 5,285 people.

The last time Dome Keeper showed similar numbers at the start. On the day of release on September 27, 2022, the title reached its record online of 6,883 people.

Note that Dome Keeper is now being sold at a 60% discount. This also contributes significantly to the growth of the audience.

Dome Keeper has become a big success for Bippinbits. The title beat off development costs a few hours after release, and by the end of the first day earned more than $ 1 million. As of October 5, 2023, the authors of Dome Keeper have sold more than 500 thousand copies of the game.

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