Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against Tropic Haze. She accused the developers of the Yuzu emulator of copyright infringement and complicity in piracy.

"A Yuzu user can illegally obtain almost any game created for the Nintendo Switch and still not pay a cent to Nintendo or hundreds of other developers and publishers of games for the Nintendo Switch," Nintendo's lawsuit says. "In essence, Yuzu is turning ordinary computing devices into tools for massive copyright infringement by Nintendo and other companies."

According to Nintendo, thanks to Yuzu, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom alone was downloaded more than a million times a week and a half before the game's release. The company noted that many pirate sites separately indicated the ability to run the game on Yuzu. In addition, during this period, the financial support of the creators of the emulator on Patreon doubled.

Nintendo demands that Tropic Haze reimburse the damage caused to it. The company also wants to stop the distribution and development of Yuzu. In particular, she asks the court to seize and destroy all Tropic Haze hard drives, close the emulator's website, and delete its pages from social networks.

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Stephen Totilo