The analytical company Newzoo has studied how the release of DLC affects the size of the audience of games for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. We share the main conclusions from the report.

In the United States in 2022, DLC accounted for 13% of PC game revenue and 7% of console game revenue.

▪️After the release of the DLC, the monthly active audience (MAU) increases by an average of 11%. The strongest indicator is growing for medium—sized games with a MAU of 250 thousand to 2 million people per month of DLC release – by 22%. Least of all — small games with a MAU of 50-250 thousand people. Their audience is getting bigger by only 4%.

Regardless of the size of the game, the MAU drops after a month. On average by 17%.

Top 5 genres by MAU growth after DLC release: strategy (30.5%), RPG (21.1%), simulators (19.6%), platformers (15.6%) and adventures (11%).