The Neogames organization, which calls itself the hub of the Finnish gaming industry, has joined companies that are dissatisfied with the tightening of the country’s migration policy. She claims that the decision of the authorities will lead to a “brain drain”.

In a public statement, Neogames pointed out that video games are now the leading segment of Finland’s cultural exports. Despite this, the country lacks talented specialists. If there are even fewer of them, the competitiveness of the Finnish gaming industry will be under threat.

“Many Finnish companies have spent thousands of euros to attract highly qualified specialists and help them with moving to Finland. Instead of keeping these biggest taxpayers in Finland after layoffs, the new government is pushing them to look for jobs in other countries that will give them more financial stability and guarantee security for them and their families,” Neogames said.

Recall that one of the most criticized migration rules concerns residence permits for people who have lost their jobs. Now a foreigner must get a job in a new company three months after his dismissal, or his residence permit based on work will become invalid.

Earlier, Finland’s migration policy was criticized in Supercell and Rovio.