Nekki has abandoned the Unity engine. Its founder Dmitry Terekhin wrote on LinkedIn that the Spine action already in development will now be made on Unreal Engine.

Now Nekki is looking for an Unreal Engine 4 and 5 specialist who will advise on the main technical solutions for the game.

Two days ago, Terekhin criticized Unity’s new pricing policy. He stated that Nekki’s expenses could grow 50 times due to Unity’s desire to charge developers an additional fee.

Update: The editorial office of App2Top was contacted by representatives of Nekki. They noted that they started transferring the development of Spine to Unreal Engine long before the situation with Unity (note, judging by the publication in the official community, this happened in 2022). Now the transition is almost over, and the company is just looking for specialists for a number of tasks on the engine.

Nevertheless, Nekki is really seriously considering the option of a full-fledged transition to Unreal Engine. She can transfer the following projects to this engine, the development of which has not progressed so far.


Dmitry Terekhin