Nekki has updated the Cascadeur character animation tool to version 2024.1. Briefly tell us what has changed.

Key innovations:

  • Cascadeur has added a feature that allows you to make corrections to an already prepared animation and automatically convert it into a set of keyframes and interpolations. This is useful, for example, when working with a mockup. It's called Animation Unbaking;

  • Nekki has expanded the possibilities of retargeting animation. Now you can transfer animation from one character to another, even if they have a different rig structure;

  • AutoPosing and AutoPhysics functions have been improved. In particular, the setting of poses has become more detailed, and the function of interacting with the environment has appeared, taking into account physics: the character can climb stairs, engage in parkour, etc., and all objects can be movable.

Cascadeur has also updated the Cascadeur pricing model. It now offers three subscription levels:

1. Cascadeur Free. As the name suggests, this is a free subscription. It gives access to the main features of the tool, but is intended only for non-commercial use and allows you to export files only in the format.casc;

2. Cascadeur Indie. It costs $99 per year. It is intended for studios whose annual income does not exceed 100 thousand dollars. Unlike the free version, it allows you to export files in formats.fbx and .dae;

3. Cascadeur Pro. It costs $399 per year or $49 per month. Designed for large companies and provides access to all Cascadeur functions.

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