The revenue of the AR-game Monster Hunter Now with IAP exceeded $ 21 million, follows from the data of the AppMagic service. This made the title the third highest-grossing mobile game in the Niantic portfolio.

Previously, the third place was occupied by Pikmin Bloom with revenue of $19.3 million.

According to AppMagic, now the top 5 Niantic games by revenue with IAP (including deduction of taxes and shares of stores) looks like this:

1. Pokémon GO — $5.1 billion;
2. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite — $27.9 million;
3. Monster Hunter Now — $21.08 million;
4. Pikmin Bloom — $19.3 million;
5. Ingress Prime — $9.1 million.

Monster Hunter Now was released on September 14, 2023. A week after the release, the developers announced that the number of downloads of the game reached 5 million.

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