Genshin Impact has set another box office record, analysts say . It took 40 months for the hit miHoYo to exceed $5 billion in user spending in the App Store and Google Play versions, less than any other mobile games.

According to analysts, before the title of record holder belonged to Clash of Clans, which took the mark of $ 5 million in user spending 51 months after the release. A total of 13 mobile games have crossed this milestone to date. Among them are Monster Strike (52 months), Pokémon GO (58 months), Candy Crush Saga (69 months) and Gardenscapes (91 months).

Top 13 games by the number of months it took them for user spending in them to exceed $5 billion

Chinese residents spent the most money in Genshin Impact. They left $1.5 billion in the game, which is about 30% of user spending. The second largest market for Genshin Impact is Japan ($1.06 billion or 21%). The third place belongs to the USA ($903 million or 18%).

Genshin Impact was released on September 28, 2020. She started actively earning money immediately after the release. In the first two weeks, the mobile version of the game earned more than $ 100 million, and six months later its revenue exceeded $ 1 billion. As Sensor Tower analysts reported in March 2021, Genshin Impact has become a "unicorn" faster than all mobile games in the world.

Now the three founders of the studio that developed the game, miHoYo, are among the richest people in China. In 2023, their total wealth was estimated at $19.1 billion.

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