Meta Corporation* has restructured the Reality Labs division, which focuses on mixed reality technologies. It has split it into two business groups: Metaverse and Wearables.

Horizon Workrooms

  • The Metaverse group now includes all business related to the metaverse. This primarily covers the social platform Horizon Worlds and the line of VR headsets Quest. The group is headed by Vishal Shah.
  • Wearables encompasses the business dealing with AR devices like smart glasses. The group is led by Alex Himel.

Sources from The Verge report that as part of the restructuring, Meta* laid off some employees from Reality Labs. It is unknown how many people lost their jobs. It is believed to be a small number, mainly affecting employees whose positions became redundant due to the reshuffling in the division.

*Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation, and its activities are banned on the territory of the country.


The Verge