Meta* Corporation has announced a major change in its business strategy related to virtual reality. She began licensing the Meta* Horizon OS operating system to other VR headset manufacturers.

According to the corporation, it decided to follow the example of Android and make the ecosystem more open. It is not reported on what conditions it provides access to the OS.

Meta* has already concluded its first deals with ASUS and Lenovo. The corporation also announced a collaboration with Microsoft to create a Quest 3 VR headset "inspired by Xbox" (most likely, it will be a stylized headset with an Xbox controller).

In addition, Meta* has made several changes to the Meta app store* Quest Store. She renamed it the Meta* Horizon Store and began the integration process with the App Lab, a platform with experimental or still in development games. The games from the App Lab will appear in a special section in Meta* Quest Store. In addition, Meta* has started working on a new framework "that will help mobile developers create XR applications."

*Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation, its activities are prohibited in the country.

A source:

The Verge