Jason Wilson (aka Jay Gunn) is a developer who was responsible for game design and many other aspects of the original games of the MediEvil series. The other day he put up for sale a statuette of the BAFTA Award, which he received in 2000 for his work on MediEvil 2.

The reasons for this decision are sad: the developer has been unable to find a job for almost a year and has money problems.

"This week I was admitted to the hospital due to severe stress. I am worried that I am not even able to pass an interview for the position of a game/art designer, so I decided to sell my BAFTA Game of the Year award. This way I will be able to continue paying bills," Wilson wrote on X (former Twitter).

Wilson added that the statuette belongs to him personally, and not to SCE Cambridge Studio, which developed MediEvil. He is sad to part with the award, but if its sale allows him to "keep a roof over his head for a little longer," then it's worth it.

Together with the statuette, the developer will give the figure of Dan-ruki and the recently released Funko Pop figure of Sir Daniel Fortescue. Wilson asks for £6 thousand for everything. He will accept higher offers, if there are any.

It's not the first time Wilson has sold items related to MediEvil in the hope of staying afloat. In May 2023, he decided to sell an archive with hundreds of concept art, handwritten script sketches and notes on gameplay solutions of the original MediEvil. According to him, it was "perhaps the most complete and exhaustive archive on the creation of the game from the initial pitch to all subsequent stages of development."

Wilson began his career in the gaming industry in the late 80s with work on games for Amiga computers. In 1996, he joined SCE Studio Cambridge, where at various times he held the positions of leading game designer, concept artist, art director and creative director. He worked in it until 2012. After leaving the studio, Wilson became a freelancer and took up comics.

Although Wilson is best known as the co-creator of MediEvil, there are quite a few other games in his portfolio. In particular, he had a hand in Silverload, C-12: Final Resistance and Ghosthunter.

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