miHoYo decided to build a spacious office, writes the Chinese GameLook portal with reference to the documents of the Municipal Bureau of Planning and Resource Management of Shanghai. On October 18, its subsidiary Shanghai miHoYo Yingtie Technology acquired a plot of land for ¥1.07 billion ($137 million) with the right to use for 50 years.

It is assumed that the office area will be 98 thousand square meters. According to the portal's estimates, 6-8 thousand people will be able to accommodate in such a building, assuming that 10-15 square meters will be needed for each person.

It is worth noting that, according to the information on the miHoYo website, now there are "only" 5 thousand employees in the entire company. Many of them work in offices outside of China: in Singapore, South Korea, Japan, the USA and Canada.

It is planned to start the construction of the office in the next year, and to finish it no later than in five years.

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