Employees of the Polish studio Ironbird Creations, which is developing the slasher Phantom Hellcat, have not been paid since December 2023. This was reported by CD-Action, which spoke with former and current employees of the studio.

According to CD-Action's sources, Ironbird Creations' management explains the lack of pay by citing financial difficulties at the studio itself and its parent company All in! Games. Employees were asked not to discuss the issues outside the company for fear that in the wake of a scandal, Ironbird Creations would not be able to attract investments and would find it more difficult to pay off debts. In January, All in! Games' management offered all Ironbird Creations employees stock as compensation. At that time, it was expected that salaries would be paid shortly, and in early March, developers did indeed receive part of the money, but far from all of it.

On May 23, 2024, All in! Games fired more than half of Ironbird Creations' staff, including the studio head and the creative director. The layoffs continued throughout the summer.

Now, at least some of the affected employees of Ironbird Creations are planning to file a lawsuit.