Apple has announced the winners of the 2024 Apple Design Awards, which recognize outstanding achievements in mobile app and game design. Below are the winners in the games category.

Category "Delight and Fun" — NYT Games

A games catalog from The New York Times newspaper.

Category "Innovation" — Lost in Play

A game by Happy Juice Games about the adventures of a brother and sister in a fantasy world.

Category "Interaction" — Rytmos

A musical puzzle game by Floppy Club.

Category "Inclusivity" — Crayola Adventures

An adventure sandbox inspired by the Crayola crayon brand. Published by Red Games.

Category "Social Impact" — The Wreck

A visual novel by The Pixel Hunt about a screenwriter facing a series of major setbacks in her life.

Category "Visual Effects and Graphics" — Lies of P

A dark souls-like game about the adventures of Pinocchio, developed by Neowiz and Round8 Studio.

Category "Spatial Computing" — Blackbox

A puzzle game for the Apple Vision Pro AR headset created by Shapes and Stories.