In November 2023, Chinese Joy Net Games released Legend of Mushroom - idle RPG on mobile devices, in which the user plays as mushroom warriors. By the end of March, the project began to earn about $ 2.5 million every day from in-game purchases (IAP) and generate more than 200,000 downloads.

The former head of SuperScale game design, Jakub Remiar, drew attention to the performance of the game. He relied on data from the analytical company Sensor Tower.

According to Remiar, in total, since the launch, Legend of Mushroom has raised more than $ 130 million from the IAP. It is not reported how many downloads the game has collected.

According to the expert, Legend of Mushroom resembles Legend of Slime from Load Complete. The developers borrowed a lot of elements, but made two big changes. Firstly, in Legend of Mushroom, the characters' equipment is pumped using gacha, not in-app purchases. Secondly, the game has more advanced social mechanics — Legend of Mushroom users can create clans and interact with each other, for example, participate in battles together or steal crops from players from mini-farms.

*Legend of Mushroom was released in November 2023 only in China. In December 2023, it became available in South Korea, and in February 2024 - in Japan. The game reached the global release quite recently — on March 7, 2024.

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Jakub Remiar