League of Legends: Wild Rift is a mobile version of the popular MOBA from Riot Games. According to analysts ' estimates data.ai since the release of the game in October 2020, gamers have spent more than $1 billion in it.

Wild Rift has joined 26 other apps and 101 games where user spending has crossed the $1 billion milestone.

Now Wild Rift ranks fourth in the list of the highest-grossing mobile games in the MOBA genre. It was second only to Arena of Valor (the global version of Honor of Kings), Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Honor of Kings.

Wild Rift is also the fourth mobile MOBA by the number of downloads. It is outstripped by the same games, but in a slightly different sequence: Arena of Valor, Honor of Kings and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In total, Wild Rift has collected 111 million downloads.

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