If three years ago we were tired of writing about investments, then this year it seems that most of the agenda is layoffs. So it is this time. The Australian studio League of Geeks announced large-scale cuts.

Jumplight Odyssey

A studio with almost 15 years of history has to say goodbye to 50% of the staff. In particular, the entire team of the Jumplight Odyssey, which was released this year in early access (something in the spirit of the FTL and Evil Genius mix), fell under the knife.

The management names the following reasons:

  • rapidly growing operating expenses;
  • the deterioration of the Australian dollar against the American dollar;
  • weak initial sales of the Jumplight Odyssey;
  • "an unprecedented reduction in funding opportunities across the industry as a whole."

The current cuts should not affect the imminent launch of the Solium Infernum turn-based strategy and support for Armello players. As for Jumpplight Odyssey, work on the game will be suspended (in the shortest possible time, they will try to bring the game to its finished form, but it will not be able to reach version 1.0).

The management also posted a table with the contacts of their former employees who were out of work.

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