This year, New World Interactive Studio turned 13 years old. It is quite possible that she will not live to see her next birthday.

Yesterday, the Insider Gaming portal reported that the American studio ceased to exist as part of the restructuring of the Embracer Group.

A few hours after that, Saber Interactive made an official statement, a division of which New World Interactive has been listed since August 2020.

It is not completely clear from its wording whether it is directly about closure or not: "Saber can confirm that restructuring changes have taken place, including the New World Interactive division. This reorganization unfortunately led to layoffs at the studio."

Also, according to an official statement, Saber Interactive is now looking for reduced staff to work within its own structures. They promise to continue the work on supporting current and developing future projects.

New World Interactive has become famous for tactical multiplayer shooters — Insurgency, Day of Infamy and Insurgency: Sandstorm. The latter has almost 90 thousand reviews on Steam. 86% of the reviews are positive.

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Insider Gaming