This was told by one of Godot programmers Adam Scott in an interview with journalist Stephen Totilo from Game File.

According to Scott, this is an extremely rapid growth. Usually, the number of engine users doubles in about a year.

He did not specify how many people are using Godot now.

Recall that Unity was at the center of a scandal in September 2023, when it decided to change the monetization of its engine and start charging for installations. After massive criticism from developers, the company softened its pricing policy, in addition, CEO John Riccitiello resigned.

During the protests against the monetization changes, many developers announced plans to abandon the use of Unity and switch to another engine. For example, the Road to Vostok survival was eventually transferred to Godot. Then, against the background of a surge of interest in Godot, the engine's project manager, Remi Verschelde, thanked the game development community for their enthusiasm and trust, but asked not to make hasty decisions.

"I like that you are looking at Godot, but take your time. Weigh the pros and cons," Verschelde said in September 2023. "We have a great engine, but none of the software is perfect, and we don't want you to switch to it in a panic and end up disappointed because it can't replace what you gave up."

At the same time, the Godot team officially announced the launch of the Godot Development Fund to raise funds for the development of the engine and received $ 100,000 from the authors of Terraria.

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Game File