A new box office hit has appeared on the Chinese mobile market. The game is called Justice Mobile (逆水寒). According to the analytical platform Diandian, its iOS version earned $23.3 million in the first five days of sales.

This data differs from the AppMagic estimate. According to the latter, the daily net revenue of the game ranges from $ 1.5-3.7 million, and in three weeks it earned $ 40 million.

In any case, we are talking about an extremely successful game, for the development of which, according to Yicai Global, NetEase spent $ 139.5 million.

Justice Mobile is a very technologically advanced Asian MMORPG in the setting of Wuxia (Chinese fantasy about martial arts and sword fights). One of the features of the game is its own AI engine, which generates an NPC reaction to the player’s actions.