In the miHoYo manual permutations. One of the founders of the company and its largest shareholder Cai Haoyu has left the post of chairman.

His place was taken by another co-founder of miHoYo Liu Wei (Liu Wei).

The Chinese GameLook portal drew attention to the changes in miHoYo, which published a fragment of the company’s documentation. Whether Haoyu stayed to work at miHoYo or quit is unknown. GameLook suggested that Haoyu moved to another position and focused on the development of miHoYo projects and research in the field of advanced technologies.

In May 2023, Haoyu, along with two other founders of miHoYo, was recognized as one of the richest businessmen in China. He took 54th place in the top with a fortune of $7.87 billion.

Update: In a comment to the China Times newspaper, a representative of miHoYo confirmed that Haoyu has taken a new position in the company and, indeed, will now be responsible for developing new games and conducting research.