About this, with reference to the words of Alexey Goreslavsky, Director General of the Institute for Internet Development (IRI), writes the Kommersant newspaper, which also revealed the budget of the entire game in its entirety.

So, according to the publication:

▫️IRI will support the creation of a series about the Time of Troubles;

The series will be shot by Okko and Channel One, the producer will be Janik Fayziev;

▫️the game “Smuta” from Cyberia Limited together with the series will be the first example of products that are being worked on in “combined mode already at the production stage”;

It is also assumed that the work on both products will be an attempt by IRI to create a prototype of the metaverse;

according to unofficial data, the cost of the series may amount to 400-600 million rubles, and the development of the entire game — 370-520 million rubles.