This is reported by Vedomosti with reference to Alexey Goreslavsky, Director General of the Internet Development Institute (IRI).

Goreslavsky did not say exactly how much Iran is going to invest in Cyberia Limited now, but noted that the size of the investment is comparable to the previous tranche. Recall that last spring the authors of the “Troubles” received 260 million rubles from Iran.

Goreslavsky also added that Iran is ready to support Cyberia Limited after the release of the game: “I do not rule out that in 2024 we will come to consolidate success. If the game sells a million copies, people will start playing it, then you will need to develop locations, add something new.”

According to the source of Vedomosti, in total Cyberia Limited can attract about a billion rubles of investment for its game. In response to a question from the newspaper, Goreslavsky explained that by a billion rubles, most likely, he means the total budget of the project, which includes both development and distribution costs.