Estonian INFUSION GAMES has restructured and rebranded. Its divisions became four separate businesses.

The company is now simply called INFUSION. Since then, a team has been working under the INFUSION GAMES brand, which is directly engaged in game development.

A little more about the businesses inside INFUSION:

▫️INFUSION GAMES is a game development studio. Now she is working on two titles: cyberpunk shooter Cyber Wars and RPG-butler Arena Heroes.

▫️INFUSION WEB3 deals with Web3 technologies for games.

INFUSION TECH develops IT solutions for gaming companies. She is currently working on AdTech, a technology for adaptive personalized advertising embedded inside games in real time. Recently, INFUSION TECH has also started creating a "large platform for publishers" that will provide tools for marketing and monetization.

▫️INFUSION CG makes CG trailers. While she is preparing them for INFUSION GAMES, but in the future she is going to cooperate with third-party companies.

INFUSION explained that the company is increasingly moving away from game development towards IT. Such a change will allow it to develop in different directions.

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