The list of game studios founded by industry veterans has grown. A new studio named CodeDev: The Unreal Guys has emerged. Its founders have contributed to Elder Scrolls Online, The Legend of Zelda, Fall Guys, Call of Duty, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and many other games.

CodeDev: The Unreal Guys is based in London but plans to operate as a remote studio. It will assist other companies with game development. According to the studio, the scale of the games does not matter as long as they are developed using the Unreal Engine.

The leadership team of CodeDev: The Unreal Guys includes:

  • CEO Myke Parrott — founder and head of the gaming recruitment agency GameLogic;
  • Chairman Rik Alexander — founder of the game outsourcing company The Multiplayer Group;
  • CTO Ryan Woodland — former CTO of ZeniMax Online Studios. He has also worked at Nintendo, Electronic Arts, and CCP Games.