Roblox has been accused more than once of aggressively making money from young users. In February 2024, the company received a new class action lawsuit.

According to Axios, the Bullock Ward Mason law firm has now filed a lawsuit on behalf of a group of American parents. The plaintiffs claim that Roblox violates US labor laws and financially exploits children by offering them the "almost useless" virtual currency Robux for developing games for the platform.

Dissatisfied parents noted that Robux can be exchanged for real money, but at a rate that is not profitable for users. For $4.99, users can buy 400 Robux, but 1000 Robux can only be exchanged for $3.5.

"By the time children or parents learn about the dangers of Roblox and the practice of child exploitation, users are so addicted that they can't stop playing. Therefore, they continue to buy and spend Robux," the lawsuit says.

The plaintiffs demand that Roblox pay them compensation and start warning users about possible risks.

A Roblox representative said in a comment to Axios that the company disagrees with the allegations. He also added that most of the monetized games in Roblox were developed not by children, but by adult users.

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