The Swedish association Dataspelsbranschen believes that video games should be included in Sweden's official "cultural canon" — a list of the country's landmark works of art. It has selected 15 games that, in its opinion, are most worthy of being a part of it.

It Takes Two

The Dataspelsbranschen list includes:

1. Stugan;
2. BackPacker;
3. Europa Universalis;
4. Ground Control;
5. Battlefield 1942;
6. Amnesia: The Dark Descent;
7. Minecraft;
8. Toca Tea Party;
9. Candy Crush Saga;
10. Star Stable Online;
11. Goat Simulator;
12. The Battle of Polytopia;
13. Budget Cuts;
14. Sayonara Wild Hearts;
15. It Takes Two.

Dataspelsbranschen stated that together, these projects represent the "Swedish gaming wonder." The association doesn't rule out the possibility of expanding the selection of games for the "cultural canon" in the future and may consider candidates such as Helldivers 2.


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