Such a proposal was announced at a meeting of the working group "Development of high-tech sports in the Russian Federation" under the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of the State Duma, Vedomosti reports.

Bookmakers already pay deductions from bets to Russian sports federations. This money goes, in particular, to the Russian Computer Sports Federation (FCS). According to the head of the Unified Gambling Regulator Alexey Grachev, in 2022 bookmakers transferred 13.8 billion rubles, and in the first half of 2023 - 8.4 billion rubles.

According to the estimates of the President of the FCC Dmitry Smith, now major esports tournaments, where bookmakers accept bets, hold 20 games. Of these, 16 games were created by foreign developers. If companies are banned from holding tournaments on their games in Russia, then officials propose to give Russians the opportunity to organize competitions without concluding licensing agreements with copyright holders. In this case, bookmakers will still have to make deductions from bets, but already to special accounts.

According to the idea of officials, foreign developers will have to apply for money within three years. If they do not do this, the funds will be redistributed between other organizations. For example, they can be given to Russian developers or sports federations.

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