Last month was the worst for Genshin Impact in terms of revenue since the release. This was noticed by the Gamerbraves portal, which studied the data of the AppMagic analytical service.

In May, Genshin Impact’s monthly revenue fell to $53.9 million. This is immediately $ 33.8 million less than the game earned in April. However, the drop in revenue did not prevent Genshin Impact from taking eighth place in the top of the highest-grossing mobile games in May.

As Gamerbraves suggests, the drop could be due to several factors. One of them is the release at the end of April of Honkai: Star Rail, a new game by the authors of Genshin Impact. Another factor could be the low revenue of the banner with the characters of Bai Zhu and Kaveh. According to GenshinLab, in the first 10 days he earned $6.8 million in the Chinese App Store, which is the worst result among banners with two 5-star heroes.