Royal Match is confidently moving towards becoming one of the most successful mobile games in the match-3 genre. Last month, for the first time, she collected more revenue and downloads than the hit Candy Crush Saga.

According to the calculations of the analytical company Sensor Tower, in July Royal Match earned $112 million with 14.6 million downloads against $104 million with 14.4 million downloads from Candy Crush Saga.

According to analysts, there are at least two reasons for this:

▪️aggressive strategy to attract users to Royal Match through the purchase of traffic. 61.5% of downloads were brought by players who clicked on the ad. Candy Crush Saga has 15.4%-25 similar downloads%;

▪️The authors of Royal Match are constantly releasing new content. Since September 2022, developers have been adding more than a hundred levels to the game every month. Also recently, a season pass and a mini-game Royal Match’s Hidden Temple appeared in Royal Match.

Candy Crush Saga is still the leader in the number of daily active players. Its DAU is 18 million people, and Royal Match’s DAU is 15 million people. However, Sensor Tower believes that the situation will change by the end of October.


Sensor Tower