miHoYo shared the new results of the company's "rights protection operation". She announced that the police in China had taken into custody 16 people involved in the creation and maintenance of private servers for Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. Their servers were shut down.

Also, miHoYo sued the owners of a number of sites that sell private servers and distribute instructions on how to create them.

"The creation and operation of private game servers is one of the most malicious criminal acts in the online gaming industry. This seriously violates the rights of companies, harms the interests of developers and gamers, carries many risks to the safety of gamers, and also jeopardizes the healthy development of the industry," wrote miHoYo in WeChat.

miHoYo launched a "rights protection operation" in June. Earlier, as part of it, the police arrested the authors of cheats for the company's games and manufacturers of fake merchandise.

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