Russian gamers began to spend more on domestic playgrounds. In January-July 2023, the turnover of the sites was more than twice as high as in the same period last year.

This is reported by TASS with reference to a study by YUKASSA and the Russian Computer Sports Federation (FCS). It is not reported how much the turnover was.

This growth is not surprising. For example, VK Play was launched only in April 2022. In addition, last spring, against the background of sanctions, Russian gamers lost the opportunity to directly make purchases on Steam, GOG, PlayStation Store and many other foreign services.

What else does the study say:

The number of Russian gamers spending money on games has increased by 72% compared to January-July 2022;

▪️58% of the surveyed gamers buy games once a year, 5% — every month;

▪️64% of gamers spend up to a thousand rubles a month on games. The most popular in—game purchases are skins (34%) and combat passes (30%);

▪️54% of gamers play every day;

▪️FCS esports tournaments are watched by 43 million people. 500 thousand people participate in them.