Last year, the Roblox game development community earned more than ever. Bloomberg noted in the company's financial documents that the total amount of payments amounted to a record $740.8 million.

For comparison, in 2022 it was $623.9 million.

According to the report, over 5 million developers received payments from the company during the year. Of these, about 12 thousand at the end of the year exchanged the earned virtual currency Robux for dollars. Some users decided to leave money in the account for further account development, and the rest did not have enough money earned to withdraw funds — Roblox allows you to withdraw money only if there are at least 30 thousand Robux in the account (this is about $105).

The company transferred $1-10 thousand to most developers over the year. There were 12.7 thousand such teams. 96 developers earned more than $1 million, nine developers earned more than $10 million.

How were the payouts distributed among the developers of Roblox games

Recall that five years ago, Roblox announced plans to eventually increase annual payments to developers to $1 billion. At that time, she paid much more modest amounts — in 2019, the total amount of payments amounted to only $ 110 million. In 2020, payments have already increased to $250 million. It is possible that at this rate Roblox will actually be able to achieve the goal in the coming years.

Recall that Roblox itself reported revenue of $2.8 billion and a loss of $1.15 billion by the end of 2023.

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