Last year, unlike many gaming companies, Lesta Games did not reduce, but increased the number of employees. In an interview with TASS, the owner of Lesta Games, Malik Khatazhayev, said that during the year his company hired 745 people.

"The World of ships"

In total, as of the end of 2023, 1,820 people worked at Lesta Games.

Recall that last week Forbes included Lesta Games in the ranking of the most expensive Russian Internet companies. Forbes ranked it 14th, estimating its market value at $800 million.

"Getting into the Forbes ranking was not the task of Lesta Games. Money is an important resource, but people, technology and, of course, games are primary for us. Throughout 2023, we worked hard, hired more than 700 new employees, among whom there are many novice specialists without experience. We constantly updated our projects and continued to develop games. We have conducted more than a dozen collaborations alone, the largest with Mosfilm and the Aria group," Khatazhayev said.

At the end of last year, Boris Sinitsky, the operating director of the World of Tanks game, told Forbes that Lesta Games' revenue projected for 2023 is half that of 2022. The company expected to earn about 18-19 billion rubles in 2023. Whether this was successful is unknown.

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