Game developers from Russia have yet to present a worthy alternative to international gaming companies, stated Alexey Goreslavsky, General Director of the Internet Development Institute (IRI), at the "MediaSib-2024" forum.


"If we compare where we as a country are in terms of game production relative to the rest of the world, we are approximately 10-15 years behind. Because the whole world has moved ahead. Games [on the global market] generate billions of dollars in revenue, and tens and hundreds of millions of people download them daily. Meanwhile, we are getting products that are downloaded by 100-150 thousand people," said Goreslavsky.

Goreslavsky noted that the Russian gaming industry is developing rapidly. According to him, in 2021-2024, "the first games entirely made in Russia" were released and gained popularity. He hopes that in 4-5 years, Russians will start playing domestic projects more actively. Moreover, Russian games will sell well in African, Latin American, and Asian countries.