Five months after the appearance of Godot 4.1, the open source game engine has a full-fledged new version. It includes more than 1,800 changes made by 359 developers.

Among the important ones:

  • enabling support for forced integer scaling, which allows you to get the correct pixel grid regardless of the resolution of the sides;
  • the code editor now supports so—called code regions for GDScript (they allow you to split scripts into named blocks that collapse lines, one of the advantages of working with them is that it becomes much easier to navigate the code);
  • previously, square shapes in a three-dimensional editor could only be changed symmetrically, but now it is possible to edit any side of the object separately;
  • in the versions of the engine for all desktop platforms, support for the "copy and paste image" function has appeared (for example, we copy from the svg browser and immediately paste it into the engine);
  • integration of FSR 2.2 support.

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