The founder and CEO of Striking Distance Studios, Glen Schofield, has decided to quit. Together with him, the chief operating officer and the CFO leave the studio.

In a comment to Bloomberg, a representative of Krafton, the parent company of Striking Distance Studios, said that all three top managers are leaving the studio voluntarily.

Schofield himself called his departure “bittersweet” and noted that he leaves the studio in safe hands. He gave way to CEO Steve Papoutsis, director of development at Striking Distance Studios, who previously worked with Schofield at Visceral Games on Dead Space.

Schofield founded Striking Distance Studios in 2019. In the new studio, he led the development of the horror The Callisto Protocol, which was to become the “spiritual heir”Dead Space AAAAA-level. The game did not meet expectations. At the start, she received average ratings from critics and gamers, after which Krafton shares fell by 8.41% in a day. Analysts who predicted the game’s annual sales of 5 million copies eventually lowered the forecast to 2 million.