GEM Capital Investment Group has sold its stake in The Games Fund to the fund's managing partners Ilya Yeremeyev and Maria Kochmola. For how much — it is not reported.

The heads of The Games Fund have gained full control over the fund. Ilya Karpinsky, one of the general partners of the foundation, has also become more involved in its activities.

As Yeremeyev said on social networks, The Games Fund itself turned to GEM Capital and offered to buy out the stake.

"At the dawn of the formation of The Games Fund, GEM Capital provided us with vital support and provided the initial capital needed to launch the fund. She has always been with us, invested in the development of companies from our portfolio and was a reliable partner. GEM Capital are professionals," Yeremeyev wrote. "Gradually, The Games Fund has turned into a globally recognized leading gaming venture fund with a clear identity, a strong position and a clear strategy. We are ready for the next chapter, it's time for structural changes."

The Games Fund and GEM Capital will continue to cooperate and invest in gaming companies together.

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Ilya Yeremeyev