Gameloft continues to downsize. A month after announcing plans to close its office in Cluj-Napoca, the company has parted ways with a "significant portion" of staff from its office in Toronto.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

According to GamesIndustry, 49 people lost their jobs. All of them were working on Disney Magic Kingdoms, a game that Gameloft has now transferred from the Toronto office to the office in Kharkiv. Reports say that only management, HR, and programmers were not affected by the layoffs.

A representative from Gameloft confirmed the layoffs to GamesIndustry. He explained that the company was forced to make this decision due to changing market conditions.

As GamesIndustry writes, this is the third round of layoffs in Toronto since the beginning of the year. The first round was in February when Gameloft laid off an unspecified number of employees. The second round occurred in April, during which Gameloft cut 40 jobs.